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Woodland Park’s Quarantine Stories

A Mixed Media History of the 2020 Corona Virus Pandemic in Woodland Park


The Alfred H. Baumann Free Public Library in partnership with the Woodland Park Historical  Society would like to record a history of experiences and expressions, as a way to document this unprecedented event in history, from the residents of Woodland Park. 


Residents, community organizations, and businesses are invited to record their stories while in quarantine as a way to document this unprecedented time. Responses can be submitted in any media: short-stories, journal entries, pictures, photographs, artwork, recipes of meals you have cooked, or a video recording talking about your experiences. Please keep content appropriate for public consumption.


If you are recording your story, start out by giving us your name (it can just be your first name if you do not want to give your last name) and if you are comfortable your age. Please keep your video under 5 minutes long. All projects will be uploaded on the library’s You Tube channel. 


Talk about some of the things on the list that are meaningful to you:

  • Describe how you feel.

  • Talk about some things you have been doing while quarantined.

  • Talk about something you have done that you now cherish because you may not have had the time to do this before.

  • Show us something you have made or created.

  • How are you keeping connected to your family? Your community?

  • Are you fully quarantined or are you an essential worker going to work? Describe either one of those circumstances. 

  • Did you celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or special event during this time? Tell us how you celebrated. 

  • Tell us about something you and/or your family did to help someone else during this time. 

  • Were you homeschooling? Describe your experience.

  • Describe your experiences with cooking and/or shopping, ordering out, etc. 

  • Talk about what you are most grateful for?

  • Describe what have you learned about yourself, your family, friends, community.


Thank you for your participation with this project!

Share Your Story

Please include your last name in the file name

Return to this page after you upload your submission and click on submit! Thank you! 

Thanks for sharing!

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